Saturday 24 June 2017 (Cardiff)


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Sourdough bread, made with a ‘wild’ yeast culture instead of commercial yeast, is delicious, has a distinctive taste and is easier to digest than many other breads because of its longer fermentation. But it can be bewildering to know where to begin: How do you make and maintain a starter? How can you fit bread that takes days to make into your busy life? Why do baking books and websites use such a wild array of terminology and techniques about sourdough?

This full-day course demystifies the process of making sourdough starters and bread, giving you simple guidance on the key stages. You will bake a range of sourdough items, and learn about the basics of bread baking (ingredients, kneading, proving, shaping) as you do. You will take home lots of sourdough bread, recipes and some starter so you are all set for baking at home. Lunch and a glass of wine are included. 

This class will be taught at our new Cardiff OMB in Rhiwbina by amazing baker Nick Macleod. Address info given on booking. 


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