Sourdough Bread


A weekly delivery of a beautiful, long fermented, handmade sourdough made with organic flour milled in Wales or the Cotswolds, and using wild yeast cultures. Sourdough is all about the flavour, the crust and a crumb that’s light and airy – hence the famous sourdough holes – because of slow proving.

Typical loaves on this subscription: Seeded Granary Sourdough; Caraway Rye; Pain au Levain (three stage sourdough with rye, wheat and whole white flour); Wholegrain Sourdough; Cherry, Fennel & Rye; San Francisco Sourdough (the iconic sourdough; takes four days); Spiced Cheese & Herb; Potato Sourdough; Raisin, Hazelnut & Shallot; 100% Rye; Five-Grain Sourdough.


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