The story of The One Mile Bakery

The One Mile Bakery is a small, passionate food company delivering beautiful, wholesome artisan bread and partners for great bread (soups and preserves) within a one-mile radius of its kitchen.

Everything is handmade at home in a Cardiff townhouse, and delivered in Pontcanna, Llandaff and Canton by bike. Our bread is made with stone-ground flour from traditional mills in Wales and the Cotswolds, while delicious seasonal soups and preserves are made using ingredients that are home-grown, foraged or sourced from local producers and markets.

The Bakery is run by Elisabeth Mahoney, a journalist, home cook and baker inspired by the way her mother cooked: daily and seasonally in her tiny kitchen with an emphasis on simple, nurturing and nourishing food. Few food prospects are as comforting as a beautiful bowl of homemade soup served with freshly baked bread, and the One Mile Bakery delivers all the traditional goodness of these and more to your door.  

Baking and cooking classes are also regularly held at One Mile Bakery. In small groups (maximum 6 to a class), relaxed friendly courses are very much aimed at sharing techniques, skills and recipes that fit around hectic lives and are easily achievable at home.

The One Mile Bakery is about delivering great food to its local community. Many of us have become disconnected from where our food comes from and what goes into it. Rising numbers of dietary intolerances and allergies may be linked to food that’s full of preservatives, made for a long shelf life, fast production cycle and distribution over so many miles.

We’re different. This is food that takes time and love to make, and is made within walking distance. That’s why it tastes so good.