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A new OMB chapter has begun!

A new OMB chapter has begun!

July 12th 2017

What do you mean, Stuart, where are the deliveries?Me and Harry, French Baking ClassThat noise you can hear is the popping of champagne corks in OMB kitchens across the land. That breeze is the whipping off of floury aprons to dance around the proving baskets in the middle of the impromptu dancefloor, like handbags in a disco. That chorus is us singing (to the tune of Sister Sledge’s We Are Family) We Are OMB. We know how to celebrate a special day.

And today is very special as the launch of our beautiful new website officially marks the second phase of OMB as we expand out of the original Mile in Cardiff to deliver amazing bread, soup and jam and teach our very own brand of fun and friendly baking classes across the UK.

It has been the most amazing five years since I launched what so many serious, expert people told me was a crackers business that could never work. I’ve never worked as hard and there have been tears, burns to the wrists, late nights, early mornings (sometimes just one long night), disobedient ovens, disasters in classes (we keep smiling and then run around doing The Scream face behind closed doors) and many interludes of crisis management. They will all be in the book.

But there have also been so, so many laughs, and that’s what I associate most with every day at OMB. Some hysterical laughs, of course, but my favourite memories over the years, with people working with me in the kitchen, people on classes – I have regularly cried laughing whilst trying to teach – and whilst mentoring Nick (new Cardiff OMB in Rhiwbina).

Me and Amy, Festive BakingMe and NickI’ve been planning this day for years, but as many of you know, behind the scenes at OMB HQ, we have dealt with quite a few tough things, one sometimes right after another, and actually overlapping in some cases. The only way I’ve kept going is by having such good OMB friends – you know who you are – and such a fantastic team of very patient people to help me.

Which brings me to Harry Grey, the tallest poshest fastest cyclist in black Lycra ever to grace OMB HQ. He was sent to me by an angel, to take over deliveries when I was about to keel over, and to help me with baking after my Mum died suddenly. He delivered in blizzards, he systemised my chaos (sorry I killed the spreadsheet when you left) and he never mentioned the moment when my husband told me I’d made my best loaf ever during one baking shift. “That was Harry’s,” I said.

When Harry left, Stuart took over deliveries, cycled for ages with an injured hand, and remained unflappable even in the most chaotic OMB moments (all of which seemed to occur about five minutes before he was due to set off on the first delivery run). Amy helped out on classes, learned to make a killer Emergency Frittata™ when I’d forgotten to make any lunch, and dealt admirably when kettles blew up, ovens died, a dishwasher had to be replaced *during* a class and I, without any warning, handed her a razor blade and said, “You can teach slashing”. She did so, like a pro.

This is AJI closed OMB HQ in October 2016, getting ready to move to west Wales, so it was time to hand over the Cardiff baton to Nick, who as a rugby player turned baker, makes my career change look quite mundane. I simply could not have someone to take OMB on for me, while I find the next Miles and mentor the stars waiting to shine there.

Lastly, for now, thank you to every single subscriber, everyone who did a class (or five!) with me in Cardiff and all our supporters on social media. It has been bonkers and lovely, and the best thing I’ve ever done. Oh, except marrying AJ. This is him after his first OMB shift.

What You Say

OMB deliveries are a little weekly luxury that lift the spirits. Most of the time I’m rushing round after small boys – on OMB night I stop and savour that bread and soup, because they’re worth it. Plus it’s a night where I don’t have to think about what to get for supper!

Gary Owen, Cardiff

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