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Clean eating for January? Forget low carbs, it’s all about better carbs

You know the drill. It’s the post-Christmas bloat. You’ve eaten your bodyweight in an assortment of cheese, Christmas pudding, pigs in blankets and brandy butter. You are frantically on Twitter looking at #newyearnewyou and working out the best ways of reverting back from Bloodtype:Port.

One of the biggest things that NEVER fail to be marketed in January are the faddy low carb diets. Meat-free Monday. Veganuary. Dry January. Come on.

The nutritionists who aren’t on the payroll for the latest diet book will all say that moderation is the key. If you drink, just drink less. If you enjoy rich food, just eat a sensible amount. Carbs are no exception.

Carbs are necessary. You just have to choose the right ones. Bread is one of those carbs that are the first to go. Looking at the ingredients list of a supermarket loaf it’s not hard to see why:

No wonder you feel bloated – the bread has been industrially produced and this has several effects:

  • The gluten has not had enough time to be worked on by the yeast, meaning your gut will have to do the hard work.
  • Additives are added to the dough to speed up the process. This again can have negative effects on your gut health.

The answer is going back to the old ways. Sourdough is slow-fermented using natural, wild yeasts that break the gluten down so that your gut has much less of a job in working on it. The flavour is also better. Actually, scratch that. The flavour is MUCH better. But forget the supermarket sourdough – food packaging laws in the UK mean that you can call a loaf ‘sourdough’ even if it has a small bit of sourdough culture in it. Always check the ingredients list. True sourdough has flour, water and salt. That’s it.

Come on – look at this loaf and tell me it looks less appetising than a supermarket one.

This is a loaf by someone who had NEVER baked before one of our bread classes.

Why don’t you have a go yourself?


It’s the New Year. Think about learning how make this bread for yourself, and enjoy the gratification that comes from making it in your own kitchen, and avoiding confusing food packaging and dietary advice. You will be surprised at how eating it will make you feel better over time. Pound for pound, sourdough has less gluten and no fat compared with supermarket bread (which has hard fats added to make it squidgy).

Our sourdough classes are fun, friendly and a great day out. Total beginners and experienced bread bakers alike will come away with new knowledge that will be genuinely useful in your own home. You also get to learn how to make a full range of different loaves.

A new year. A new hobby. A new you.

Check out our class dates here.

Exceptional.. I cannot give it anymore higher praise than that on the quality of the order I had. Thank You.
Mark Shiel
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