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We had a most amazing day at Matt’s French Bread Making workshop. One completely novice baker and one who does some – and we both came away so much more confident and excited about baking. Matt is a great teacher, a winning combination of very relaxed and knowledgeable and you just know everything will turn out well. Don’t eat any breakfast before you go – you want to have room for toast and homemade jam when you arrive and delicious lunch! The novice baker can’t wait to go on the Bread and Beer course – can’t say better than that...

Lesley and Tony

Lesley Burn
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Bread therapy: life, loss and mindful baking

Bread therapy: life, loss and mindful baking Season’s greetings baking fans! Whilst the festive period can be a lot of fun, it can also be a challenge: the expectations (or the ones  we perceive), the pressure we put on ourselves to have everything perfect for just one day (anyone else feel a sudden need on
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Manchester Confidential reviews our French Baking class

We had the pleasure of welcoming Kelly Bishop from Manchester Confidential, who was eager to learn how to make delicious French baked goods.     Suffice to say she left with a delicious bag of great bread, and has been inspired to continue at home! Have a read of her full review here.

Lunch - probably my fave sandwich has to be a deli sandwich. Thick layer of pastrami, mayo, Dijon mustard, homemade…
Thursday 13th February
Another fantastic loaf of sourdough bread from a OMB Hale graduate! Next sourdough class with places is March 6th…
Thursday 13th February
No E Numbers were used in icing these biscuits. #hale #altrincham
Wednesday 12th February

The One Mile Bakery – Hale – 13 February 2020 12:00

Lunch – probably my fave sandwich has to be a deli sandwich. Pastrami, mayo, Dijon mustard, homemade sauerkraut, and a gherkin on top simply because it wouldn’t fit in the sandwich itself. 🥪 A sandwich is not a sandwich if you don’t have to lean over your plate while eating it.💪 . . . .
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