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I attended the sourdough bread making day last Friday. Not knowing what to expect and never baked a loaf of bread before I was a bit nervous to say the least. I needn’t have worried one bit, Matt was very welcoming and had tea and coffee ready on arrival. He explained what the day would consist of in great detail. He soon put me and the other 5 in the group at ease. We sampled great food, made fantastic bread, yes even me! Cookies and flat breads. I will def be going back to do another day. Thank you Matt it was great.
Karen B
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Bread therapy: life, loss and mindful baking

Bread therapy: life, loss and mindful baking Season’s greetings baking fans! Whilst the festive period can be a lot of fun, it can also be a challenge: the expectations (or the ones  we perceive), the pressure we put on ourselves to have everything perfect for just one day (anyone else feel a sudden need on
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Manchester Confidential reviews our French Baking class

We had the pleasure of welcoming Kelly Bishop from Manchester Confidential, who was eager to learn how to make delicious French baked goods.     Suffice to say she left with a delicious bag of great bread, and has been inspired to continue at home! Have a read of her full review here.

Question for audio geeks - is there a way of wirelessly sending sound from a vinyl turntable (or rather the mixer) to a Sonos 1?
Monday 13th July
Left some of the leeks to go to flower. The bees are thankful for it. #gardening #GardenersWorld
Sunday 12th July
For you - of course!
Saturday 11th July

The One Mile Bakery – Hale – 26 May 2020 15:41

We create a biga every night before we bake. This is an Italian pre-ferment that adds extra leavening power to the dough, and more importantly adds a delicious malty depth of flavour. 🍞 Ours is a 54% hydration, with 1% yeast. Eg – for every 100g of flour, 54g of water and 1g yeast. 🍞
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