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Bread & Beer

Friday, March 1st, 2019


Unique to One Mile Bakery Hale, Bread & Beer explores and celebrates the long-standing relationship between brewers and bakers. Come and learn to bake with brewer’s yeast, adding flavours from spent grain from a brew, hops and malt extract. We also make a gorgeous sourdough barm bread (using an authentic beer barm as a sourdough starter), and an ale bread using ale as the liquid and brew-able malted grains. This will be made with malted flour from Walk Mill. My own beer will be served as an option alongside wine with a delicious two-course lunch featuring stunning local, seasonal produce. Bread and beer are both fantastic in their own rights, but they make a really sensational pairing in this fun, hands-on class. Read a review of the Bread & Beer class here.


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Had a fabulous day and arrived home with loads of festive fare!
Anne O’Reilly
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Brewing beer at home: how to make an easy homebrew

  Lots of people who come to my classes (in particular my Bread and Beer class) ask about the beer that they taste at lunch. How do you do it? Is it easy? I love the fact that people are becoming more discernible in their beer-drinking. Gone are the days of being forced to drink
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How can I stop wasting bread?

Food waste has been talked about for generations. Today, the main driver for this is due to excessive consumption and its effect on global resources. In times past, it was used due to prevent excess merchant vessels taking perilous journeys in times of war. You don’t have to get on a soapbox about it though
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When you forget to put your biga in the fridge overnight 😳🌋
Saturday 25th May
Part of me wants to read up on all the prospective Conservative leadership candidates, but the other part of me thi…
Saturday 25th May
It was great to have you @mynamesnotdave! Fatima Fitbread is one of the best bread names I've ever heard too 😅…
Saturday 25th May

The One Mile Bakery – Hale – 21 May 2019 17:12

Just a lovely wild garlic sourdough – there may still be some wild garlic to be found in the shadier parts of woodland areas – get hunting! . . . . . . #foodie #food #cheshire #manchester #mcrfood #mcrfoodie #mcr #bread #breadbaking #instayum #instafood #instabread #foodiegram #foodlover #giftideas #sourdough #wildyeast #rofco #foodporn #chefmode #cleaneating #eatclean
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