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Breads of the World

Friday, November 16th, 2018


This class celebrates amazing breads from different baking cultures. We bake bagels, challah (Jewish plaited Sabbath bread), pretzels, naan and flatbreads, and pita. This is a fun hands-on class which includes all the basic bread-making techniques we teach as core on other classes, but explores some baking which is cooked at high heat on a stovetop griddle/bbq/pizza oven. A great class to take breads home from to mop up delicious curries or middle eastern dishes. Buy a beautiful OMB gift voucher and let the recipient choose their preferred date.


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I’ve done a cookery class only once before. We all awkwardly stood round in a steel compound (industrial kitchen), nobody speaking, everybody giving each other’s pizza topping choices side-eye, followed by the most awkward lunch in living history as 20 of us ate our ‘masterpieces’ in silence. The One Mile Bakery class I attended felt less lesson and more ‘get together and lunch with friends’. The classes are held at the also very lovely home of Matt Townley, and right from the off I was made to feel less student, more friend invited over for lunch and a spot of baking. Matt has a very natural ease about him, supporting and encouraging his company that all are bakers in the making and it’s all about following your instincts. I also wish to point out that if you’re lucky enough to get on Matt’s delivery route, all packaging is 100% plastic free – delivery bags, soup containers and garnish pots are not only totally recyclable but 100% compostable too. – Laura Hudspeth 
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3 loaves in 4 hours – is it possible?

In this heat, definitely! I have never seen dough rise as quickly as it has done in this weather! The atmospheric temperature has meant that the rising dough has risen in a third of the time I would normally expect. We used the temperature to our advantage in our class on Saturday so that everyone
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