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Hand Delivered Goodness

Fame! Or at least a photoshoot…

Setting up the One Mile Bakery Paulton has been a bit of a whirlwind and yesterday was no exception.

The lovely Alex Lloyd Jenkins came to take some pictures of my blossoming home bakery for the website and social media (watch this space) and we laughed probably far more than one should during a normal working day; I had my first glimpse of the draft pictures this morning that confirm this, full of grins and belly laughs.

Elisabeth came along too and helped me to get some really great pictures that attempt to capture OMB Paulton, my kitchen and me as best as possible, it’s really eye-opening having people in your home who see things with a fresh eye. One of the images was of a chart of the kids heights, something that doesn’t scream ‘bakery’ but really represents my home and me – here’s a sneak peak…

I have five children <gulp> yup, you read that correctly and they inspire me daily. They are my Chief Tasters and don’t mince their words if a new bake is not up to par. They are a mixture of carnivores, veggies and a vegan, so I have to mix it up a bit and try to keep everyone happy. There is a real joy in creating a vegan or plant-based bake that tastes just like the bakes we are so used to but without any animal products. I’ve devised a Vegan Baking class for anyone who would like to learn a little more.

It’s a real pleasure to share my home and my kitchen with others, we worked hard designing a lovely space for our family and to open it up for classes is, in equal measures, nerve-wracking and exciting. The photos really do showcase the space well and Alex has done a great job of capturing what OMB is all about. I will share more images when they are ready, until then, check out my classes and let’s make a plan for you to pop by for a visit.

Absolutely insane...beautiful, tasty, fresh bread - highly recommend.
Mary Manley
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Sweet Potato Soup Recipe

It’s that time of year when gorgeous soups are well in season so I thought I’d share my Sweet Potato Soup recipe with you. This recipe is great with a big hunk of bread and butter and best served when it’s cold and wet outside. This will serve 4-6 people. Ingredients: 1kg Sweet Potatoes 3
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On yer bike!

Sitting here on a drizzly Sunday reminiscing, Wednesday’s first delivery around my mile seems like a long time ago. In short, I loved it, loved meeting all of my new subscribers and handing over my lovingly baked goods. There were a few blips along the way and a few learnings that will make things easier.
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Walnut and Raisin Sourdough for my subscribers tonight, I snuck in a cheeky #homemade Raspberry jam too! I hope you…
Wednesday 4th December
Ooooohhhh check out the #Christmas round-up from @SomersetCool featuring me! Yay! Thanks guys 🙏🏻🎄♥️ #somerset
Sunday 1st December
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Friday 29th November

The One Mile Bakery – Paulton – 30 November 2019 15:54

Everyone say “MINCE PIES” pop down! #paulton #christmas