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Foodie Trends for 2020

It may seem worlds away but every magazine (well not Angling Monthly perhaps?) has article after article about what foods we should be eating in 2020. It’s easy to dismiss such articles as media hype, a flash in the pan or not being relevant to me. But should we paying attention?
So as a baker and owner of an artisan micro bakery in the gorgeous town of Tadcaster, nestled in the heart of the golden triangle (Smack bang in the middle of Harrogate, York and Leeds – yep lucky boy!), I began to look into what I could be doing to support both my family and customer’s needs this year.
Now at this time of year, health is often at the heart of our foodie thoughts. So, why not start here:
Following are a short list of trends I’ll be encompassing into my baking and cooking (this reminds me of the Fast Show’s sketch – this season I will mostly be wearing …..).

Less Sugar – Using less sugar within my sweet bakes will be a real focus for me this year alongside continuing to develop a greater range of healthy, wholesome soups and breads. Many believe that it’s impossible to create a cake (sweet bake) with a real depth of flavour when reducing or removing the refined sugar content. I plan to expose this thought process to be a myth. I’m currently experimenting with the use of honey (Yorkshire Honey!), blended fruits, dates, raisins and natural syrups from pomegranates for example within my sweet bakes to ensure my amazing bakes retain all of their flavour whilst reducing the sugar content drastically.

Mixing Flours – Did you know that cauliflower pizza was the most ordered food of the year? Ok maybe not in the small brewing town of Tadcaster but across the western world our search for alternatives to standard white flour is driving the market for new alternatives. But why the sudden drive to create replacements for the humble wheat flour? It’s clear that Carbs have taken a battering over the last few years and the anti-carb movement, recklessly and dangerously promoted through diets such as the keto diet have gained much publicity through the media. However, sense has finally prevailed and others, with a far more reasoned argument have finally been given a voice: Carbs are not bad, simple carbs in excess are not healthy and serve little purpose but we all need to indulge at times. At One Mile Bakery Tadcaster many of my products and all of my breads contain a mix of flours. This adds a greater depth of flavour and allows my customers to experience the flavour of a wide variety of flours. Alongside the lovely organic white flour from Yorkshire I use, I ‘cut’ recipes with organic Rye Flour, Wholemeal Flour and Buckwheat Flour. I’ll also be incorporating chickpea flour, almond flour and sorghum flour this year to add even more nutrient rich ingredients into my stunning loaves and yeasted sweet bakes.

Nootropics – “Nootropics are compounds that help improve brain function, including memory and cognitive function,” (Women’s Health). This year I’ll be making real efforts to add specific ingredients into my bakes and specifically my soups, including turmeric, blueberries, broccoli, walnuts, egg yolks, and seaweed. If you remember, let me know what you think…….(haha).

Other Trends – just in case your interested! I’ll be quick……..

Vegan (obviously) – Veganuary (yes that’s actually a word!) is now a feature of a growing number of peoples habits and this signifies how the vegan movement is now gaining a real foothold, and not just for the ‘tradition’ types. At a recent party I heard a seven year old berating her dad for eating meat – a sign of things to come perhaps and a notion which, with every passing moment I spend with my young kids becomes more and more prevalent as I do want to leave this place in a fit state for my little monsters! As a meat lover it’s strange to see vegetables gaining an equal weighting and place on the plate. You only have to look at Instagram to see the amazing ways folks are cooking and displaying vegetables and fruits and even I’m drooling at the sight of it! My stunning, seasonal soups certainly support this trend and my family and friends all benefit regularly from my drive to have meals across the week which are veggie and/ or vegan. I’ll be ensuring I continue to include local, seasonal and organic vegetables and fruits into all of my soups this year.

Final and very random trend – stay with me folks!
Filipino desserts – If you haven’t heard of it yet you will do, Ube is a Sweet Yam (fruit) from the Philippines and it’s gaining real traction across social media. From ice-creams to crumble toppings this purple sensation is set to hit our supermarkets at some point. So, if you want to impress around the coffee or dinner table – chuck Ube into the conversation and see where it takes you.

Absolutely superb – we love receiving deliveries from One Mile Bakery Tadcaster and our neighbours and friends are very jealous of the gorgeous breads, soups, cakes and jams we get. It really does save us time and we look forward to not having to cook in the evening of the deliveries. If only OMB could deliver every evening!
Chris and Alison Young – Tadcaster
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Foodie Trends for 2020

It may seem worlds away but every magazine (well not Angling Monthly perhaps?) has article after article about what foods we should be eating in 2020. It’s easy to dismiss such articles as media hype, a flash in the pan or not being relevant to me. But should we paying attention? So as a baker
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