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After an 18-month search for a new home – a nomadic interlude which involved house-hunting in west Wales, Cornwall, Donegal and then, finally, Somerset – journalist turned baker, and OMB founder, Elisabeth Mahoney found a place to hang her One Mile Bakery apron.The first thing she did, when she got the keys to the cottage in Trudoxhill, near Frome in Somerset, was make some biscuit dough to bake in the inherited oven in the new kitchen. She then hung up her mother’s handwritten recipe for tea loaf – the recipe and baking the tea loaf has made each of her kitchens feel like home.

Eating one (well, three) of those biscuits, she began thinking about how a village One Mile Bakery might work. It would be a challenge, not least because of building work needed at the cottage (this photograph was not taken at the kitchen at the cottage!), which is happening over several months in summer 2019. During this time, Elisabeth will be teaching just outside Trudoxhill at Meadowside Farm Kitchen, a professional kitchen and cookery school.

Brilliant day from start to finish - thanks so much Elisabeth for making today so memorable
Becky Beckley
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The First Loaf in a New Home for OMB

A new start for us. A new country: England, after so many years in Wales and Scotland. A new house: a cottage in a village instead of a house in a city. One road and a handful of lanes through my new delivery mile instead of densely-packed urban streets. I love that I can see
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