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Hand Delivered Goodness
Lush bread!! Thank you! Delicious!
Julie Harrington
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Fame! Or at least a photoshoot…

Setting up the One Mile Bakery Paulton has been a bit of a whirlwind and yesterday was no exception. The lovely Alex Lloyd Jenkins came to take some pictures of my blossoming home bakery for the website and social media (watch this space) and we laughed probably far more than one should during a normal
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A Mediterranean Feast Loaf – Perfect for Summer

One of my most favourite breads and one my mum used to make when we were kids is a Mediterranean Feast. It’s made using a basic white dough or any basic dough you are comfortable with and adding sun-dried tomatoes, olives and garlic. It’s great a centre piece, a light lunch in it’s own right
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Do you live in this circle? Fancy some freshly baked bread delivered to your door weekly by bike? Take a look here:…
Thursday 18th July
Had some photos taken yesterday by the very talented @designdforlife and I wrote a wee blog about it. More pictures…
Saturday 6th July
Not going to lie, I may have just scoffed 3 of these 😳 #cinnamonbuns #itshardbeingabaker
Saturday 6th July

The One Mile Bakery – Paulton – 16 July 2019 15:32

Marmalade cake on the menu today #marmalade #cake #bake #microbakery