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Afternoon Tea Week

Coming up is Afternoon Tea Week (12th-18th August).  A wonderful excuse to celebrate this quintessentially British tradition. A great wikifact that I found is that there is evidence to suggest that the tradition of eating bread with cream and jam already existed at Tavistock Abbey in Devon in the 11th century.  Delicious.

In Devon we have so many hotels, café and restaurants that offer Afternoon Tea (have a look through this list here) but what I love to do it make one at home.  This gives you a great opportunity to add your own variations or work with any dietary requirements your friends and family may have.

My latest spread included lemon drizzle slices, lotus biscoff chewy blondies, cheesy black pepper scones, plain scones, mini donuts, elderflower madeleines and Victoria sponge cupcakes.

How do you pronounce the word – is it scone rhyming with gone, or scone rhyming with bone? Either way most require a cream tea to include fluffy scones that are perfect with clotted cream and jam.

I was chatting with a neighbour when we first moved to Exeter and she mentioned that when she was a child it was the Devonshire Split that was the core of a cream tea not the scone.  A little research shows that scones are quite a modern advancement (certainly in this area) and that this sweet yeasted bun is a great option for cream and jam.

During my Devon Baking Days, I opt to make these traditional buns and also a savoury version of the scone.

Do you have a favourite place to have cream tea in Exeter or further abroad?  What is your ‘must have’ item?

My latest Devon Baking Day is listed here and more dates will be added soon.

I can’t tell you how much fun the day was. We laughed and chatted our way throughout. Boudicca was a fabulous host and completely natural with her teaching. This Introduction To Baking course is far from pretentious and stuffy. It’s a laid-back affair which felt like I was hanging out with my friends doing something fun.
Tara from Tara’s Busy Kitchen
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I was really happy to be featured in the digital food and drink edition of Grow Magazine here. One Mile Bakery Exeter is on page 7-10 and is a reminder of a lovely day with Karin Venema. I’m looking forward to the end of lockdown for a number of reasons but particularly so I can
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Three Devonshire Splits overflowing with cream and jam

VE Day – Devonshire Splits, an alternative to scones

Are you looking for an alternative to scones for your Lockdown VE Day commemoration? May I suggest the wonderful Devonshire Split? I usually make these with students on my Devon Baking Day class but they are adored by my children (and husband) so I regularly make them for special occasions. They are lovely enriched buns
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😂 (a bit sweary but very funny!) #sourdoughstarter #sourdough
Friday 5th June
#DevonDay deserves my Devonshire Spilts ❤ I can't wait to make these again especially in my Devon Baking Day class…
Thursday 4th June
Today loaves going out for doorstep deliveries 😃 Seeded wholemeal classic (large and small) 🍞 Chocolate sourdough…
Thursday 4th June

The One Mile Bakery – Exeter – 29 May 2020 15:39

The kids are knocking up Granny Cathy’s Mud Pie for pudding 😃 ❤ #kidsthatcook #lockdownbaking #kidsactivities